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Why Private Mortgage Lending?

Private lending is established and needed in Canada.  Banks are required to have rigid lending practices in order to minimize default and they often obtain default insurance from CMHC.  This rigidity creates an opportunity in the private lending sector.

Private lending borrowers are less price sensitive than the bank borrowers. When individuals or companies are declined because they don't qualify for a loan, they become less concerned about the cost and more concerned about obtaining financing to accomplish their goals.

​These clients often need to find a source of alternative lending for their mortgage. That's where private mortgage lending comes in. Private mortgage lenders have flexible lending parameters, providing more options for borrows that don't fit the mold of banks and institutional lenders.

Because private and second mortgages carry a perceived higher level of risk, lenders charge higher interest rates accordingly.  While the borrowers may pose more risk than a bank approved client, we ensure that there is significant equity in each property we lend on.  If the property needs to be sold to recoup our investment, that equity is our backstop.

That's how our mortgage fund investors receive a great return that is secured by Canadian real estate.