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Northern Alliance Financial
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Investor Relations

Dave McKitrick, President & CEO
1-866-777-9567 Ext. 201
Dean Larson, Director & COO
Jayson Zilkie, EMD Representative, VP Shelter Lending

Investor Administration

Kelly Brown, Manager, Administrative Services

Underwriting & Broker Relations

Handled by our sister company, Shelter Lending.
Chris Harrison
1-866-777-9567 Ext. 205


Address: 1735 Dolphin Ave #101A, Kelowna, BC V1Y 8A6
Phone: +1.866.777.9567

*Past Performance of NAT B Units does not guarantee future results. Northern Alliance Trust locks in its Unit price to $5.00/Unit. The actual net asset value (NAV) typically fluctuates between $4.87 and $5.10 depending on the performance of the fund, current expenses, transaction costs and potential losses. Some expenses are large annual expenses (audits, OM revision) which can be recovered throughout the remainder of the year. The return calculated on this summary does not reflect the NAV fluctuations. B Unit Dividend performance is different from the total fund performance. Returns are compounded quarterly and annualized.