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Northern Alliance offers investment opportunities that provide reliable returns for investors.

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The opportunity that Northern Alliance offers is based on the successful lending practices of Shelter Lending. Thier extensive expertise in underwriting and loan management positions Northern Alliance for success.


​Our Quasi Mutual Fund Trust and Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) give investors access to the private lending market, secured by equity in real property.  Together, we're committed to building a progressive, efficient company rooted in sound lending practices.


Northern Alliance represents two mortgage funds as an Exempt Market Dealer: Northern Alliance Trust and Provident Diversified Mortgage Corporation. With these two options, we will help you determine the right fit for your investment.

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Diversify your portfolio with Northern Alliance Financial. Please contact Dave McKitrick for further details, 1.866.777.9567 ext 201 / dave@nafinancial.ca; or, fill out the form below.