Investor Testimonials

"Northern Alliance has continued to impress me since day one with consistent great returns. I find myself investing more of my investment dollars in their fund every year. I've suggested NAT to some of my close friends and they are seeing the same results. Thank you to the NAT team!"

Curtis B.


“I’ve invested in many different investment opportunities in the past, but none with the certainty of Northern Alliance Trust. I love seeing the consistency of the return quarter after quarter with no effort from me. The admin staff are a pleasure to work with and made the investment process go smooth and easy.”

Ian H.


“I’ve been an investor with Northern Alliance for five years and I’m very pleased with the return on my investment.
As a Mortgage Broker, I have a very close relationship with mortgages and in seeing thousands of applications, I know that the last thing a person defaults on is their home. That gives me peace of mind knowing this is a strong investment because a person will do everything they can to keep the place where they sleep at night.  The consistency of the investment is excellent and based on what they are doing (via first-hand knowledge as a Mortgage Broker), I can see the investment continuing to produce 8% plus annual returns well into the future.”

Joy K.


“As a Fire Captain in West Kelowna, I know a hot spot when I see one.  Dean, Dave and Grant lit the fund on fire with consistent and predictable returns. This is one fire that I’m not going to put out!”

Lionel B.


“Provident Diversified and its predecessors, have provided consistent monthly dividends since I invested about ten years ago. The underwriting team at Shelter Lending has a great record of providing strong residential mortgages to the fund’s portfolio. I’m happy to keep my investment with them and consider it a safe and profitable place to be.”

Peter R.