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Diversify your portfolio by investing in Northern Alliance Trust.

Northern Alliance Trust (NAT) is a diversified quasi mutual fund trust that invests in mortgages, real estate, leases and short term secured business loans. NAT gives investors access to the private lending market, secured by equity in real property, proven cash flow or hard assets.

NAT Fast Facts

  • NAT provides quarterly distributions as an income producing fund, providing Unitholders a steady stream of income while preserving invested capital.
  • There are two classes of units available for investors:
    • Class A Preferred Units receive distributions in first priority out of profits at a targeted return of six percent (6%)
    • Class B Units are paid after Class A and have no return cap, with a targeted return of eight to ten percent (8%-10%)
  • The Trust is registered with Canada Revenue Agency and can accept all registered investments including RRSP, RESP, LIRA and others.


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Next Steps...

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Disclaimer: “Units of Northern Alliance Trust are available through the Exempt Market Dealer Northern Alliance Financial Corp., to accredited investors in BC and Alberta, or Eligible investors in Alberta or BC investors when provided an Offering Memorandum. NA Trust will not be suitable for all investors.  Please call Dave McKitrick, DEALING REPRESENTATIVE OF Northern Alliance Financial Corp., for more details about Northern Alliance Trust.  Past performance is no guarantee of future results and returns can and will vary from past performance.”