Why Lend With Us?

Northern Alliance is an Alternative Lender that has you, the mortgage broker, in mind.  When other lenders say "No", we like to say "Yes!".

Two Portfolios

We underwrite and manage two portfolios; one is a 1st mortgage fund and the other focuses on higher LTV 2nd mortgages.  We also work with a number of individual private lenders who may have an appetite for a mortgage that doesn't fit the parameters of either fund.

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Two Funds

Utilizing our two funds, we are often able to achieve higher LTV mortgage solutions than other lenders in the marketplace.  The blended rate between the lower LTV/lower rate fund and the higher LTV/higher rate fund generally works out to be a fair solution to help solve borrower's financing needs.

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No Strings Attached

The other thing to note is; we don't act as brokers.  We won't shop your deal (unless you ask for help) and at the end of the term, the borrower is your client, not ours.  You're encouraged to assist them again to find the right lender for their situation at that time.

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Approved Appraisers

Wondering who you might get to appraise the property? See our list of approved appraisers here.

Lending Guidelines

Curious about our typical interest rates and lending areas? Click here to look at our mortgage lending guidelines.

Next Steps...

Call us today with your file or submit a mortgage below.  We will do everything we can to help you fund a deal!  Underwriting direct: 1-866-777-9567 Ext 203.